Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Last Call Coverage Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who came up too Loon for the 10th annual Last Call. Once again the Loon park staff proved their commitment to quality park building by building through the rain and worst conditions possible to pull off another memorable set up. A huge thanks to Loon and all the sponsors K2 Snowboards, Oakley, 32 Boots, Scion, NXTZ, Redbull, Skullcandy, Dakine and Sam Adams for making last Call a success and of course it couldn't happen without Bub.
Check YOBEAT for some pictures and a write up by Nashua's own Tommy J. also has photos by Huggy and a write up by T-Bird and a Video by Matt Roberge and Tanner.

Men’s Channel Gap – Nick Julius BS 7 Rodeo
Men’s Rhythm Section – Dylan Dragotta
Men’s Quarterpipe – Shane Fortier – HUGE Michaelchuk
Men's Hardest Charger - Jack Herald
Men’s Badass Award – Greg Maxwell for sending the first double backflip of the day

Men’s Overall- 1st- Shane Fortier // 2nd- Shaun Murphy // 3rd- Jeremy Thompson

Women’s Hardest Charger Award - Michaela Aaronson
Women’s Overall - 1st - Mary Rand // 2nd - Kassandra Dolan // 3rd - Laura Rogowski

BIG THANKS TO: Loon, K2, Oakley, 32, Scion, NXTZ, Redbull, Skullcandy, Dakine, Sam Adams

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