Monday, October 26, 2009

Rome PosterMania 1985

An immediate classic inducted into the EB, Loon, NHD, and New England scum hall of fame, the Rome Postermania 1985 has seen a lot of talk here in the shop. The Postermania is a true twin, softer freestyle board with Rome's Free Camber. Rome's free camber gives the board a long mid-body of reverse camber combined with straight camber in the nose and tail, delivering the ideal blend of playfulness and control on edge. This allows you to ride a catch free board with a playful skateboard feel, but still allows you to rail turns when you're charging on the way to the park. A 2 degree bevel allows you to keep your edges sharp to turn and still be able to slappy noseslide the rail in the park.
Upclose topsheet detail.

While the Postermania has a softer bi-axial glass layup, Rome gives you a carbon V in the tip in tail, allowing you to still ollie the slow signs at Pat's Peak.A quick glance at the board under the heat lamps that we have here to keep us slim and you will see the impact plates beneath the insert patterns on the Postermania. These thinly milled Titanal aluminum plates under the binding area fight against core compressions. This patent-pending technology increases strength 2.5 times. To put it simply..a stronger board under foot.
Rome Gives you a little run-down of tech on each of their board's topsheets...
The art on the Postermania was done by Rome designer, NHDirt, and EB homeboy Shawn Dumont. Good Job Shawn. Board looks so rad.
Here's what Rome Has to say about the Postermania...Press a box. Float pow in either direction. Spin with control. Tap a stump. Surf. Throw a carve. Butter. The Postermania combines a Reverse-Free camber profile with a Carbon V stringer that adds snap off your tail edge, and balanced, more powerful ollies. The result is the poster child of reverse camber boards that have a habit of dropping hits of fun all over the hill.

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