Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Main Event Stop #2: Wachusett Mountain: RESULTS

Press Release: Main Event Stop #2: Wachusett Mountain

The Main Event Series made its second stop of the season at Wachusett Mountain this Sunday. Smiles and sunshine was the theme of the day and everyone had a great time. Wachusett had weathered the ice storm, power outages, rain, and the holiday mayhem in the weeks before the event but you would never have known. Josh Lempert from Snow Grind got to the Mountain two days early, pulled off a few miracles, with a minimum cat time, a chain saw, and a lot of help from the Main Event staff. The course was perfect with a 35' table and a side by side rail and box combo at the bottom. The Mini Main Event setup (for the 13 & under crew) was adjacent to the course and looked like the funnest thing since sliced bread.

With almost 100 competitors the judges were almost blown off the mountain by the level of tricks that were coming out. There were several smooth sailors laying down 900s like it was there job, but Zach Normandin won the best trick when he did his backside 900 was easy like Sunday morning. Randal Zimbone pushed the envelope by going huge and spinning 1080's when no one thought it was possible on a jump that size.
Lauren Tamposi held it down for the second event in a row. She won the pro women's category and won the girls's Best Trick. The Am Men gave the Pro Men a run for their money. For the first time in a Main Event ever, someone did a double back flip and almost actually landed it. In the Mini Main Event department the 13 & Under crowd gave it their all. Once of snowboarding future extremists Rocco Trotto, did a misty flip off of the mini jump which was size of a speed bump.

Pro Men: 1st Place Travis Neuenhaus -- 2nd Place Nick Doucette -- 3rd Place Rob Hallowell

Pro Women: 1st Place Lauren Tamposi -- 2nd Place Jordan Parks -- 3rd Place Nicole Fitzgerald
Am Men: 1st Place Nick Julius -- 2nd Place Zack Normandin -- 3rd Place Merrick Joyce
Am Women: 1st Place Gabriella Barrego -- 2nd Place Kelli Redes -- 3rd Place Tonya Cross
Boy's Mini Main Event (13 & Under): 1st Place Dustin Cruz -- 2nd Place Beau Brassard -- 3rd Place Kyle Washburn
Girl's Mini Main Event (13 & Under): 1st Place Lizzie Narvin
Men's Best Trick : Zach Normandin with a silky smooth backside 900.
Women's Best Trick: Lauren Tamposi, no other girl can come close the the backside 360s shes been throwing down at the last two events.

Mini Main Event Best Trick: Rocco Trotto with Front Flip Rodeo

Tons of Cash $, and Prizes were given away to snowboarders this weekend, including Snowboards, Boots, Bindings, Helmets, Goggles, Energy Drinks, Backpacks, T's, Hoodies, Jackets, Pants, and of course, stickers. A Huge thanks to our sponsors for the great prizes and all their support, to Burton Snowboards, Flow Snowboarding, Redbull, Fuel TV, Direct TV, Dekal.com, RED Helmets, Anon Optics, Snowgrind, Scion, and Rye Airfield. Check out all event details and photos at www.maineventseries.com .

Come out and join us for the rest of the Main Event Series:
Ski Sundown, CT – Saturday, January 17th, 2009
Stowe Mtn, VT – Saturday, January 31st, 2009
Sugarloaf Mtn, ME – Sunday, February 15th, 2009
Loon Mtn, NH – The Finals – Saturday, February 28th, 2009

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