Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Call Video from Mark at EasternBoarder Danvers

Check YOBEAT for some pictures and a write up by Nashua's own Tommy J. also has photos by Huggy and a write up by T-Bird and a Video by Matt Roberge and Tanner.


Men’s Channel Gap – Nick Julius BS 7 Rodeo

Men’s Rhythm Section – Dylan Dragotta

Men’s Quarterpipe – Shane Fortier – HUGE Michaelchuk

Men's Hardest Charger - Jack Herald

Men’s Badass Award – Greg Maxwell for sending the first double backflip of the day

Men’s Overall-

1st- Shane Fortier
2nd- Shaun Murphy
3rd- Jeremy Thompson

Women’s Hardest Charger Award - Michaela Aaronson

Women’s Overall -
1st - Mary Rand
2nd - Kassandra Dolan
3rd - Laura Rogowski

BIG THANKS TO: Loon, K2, Oakley, 32, Scion, NXTZ, Redbull, Skullcandy, Dakine, Sam Adams

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