Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to the Boneyard II

Check out pics and video from Pat Moores Back to the Boneyard 2 at the Snowboarder Mag site and the Transworld site. Pat had some pretty sick trophies to hand indian head for Preston, sorceress figure, giant pants to fill for Nelson, dream catcher for Zach, wizard plate with gems, a life sized butler for Nelson for being served so hard, a plug in light of a kitty and waterfall for Nelsons biggest pussy award...Nelson really swept it come to think of it...a giant barbarian sword for Greg Maxwell which he seemed extremely stoked on, even the "cat lady" award to his mom Deb. Pats a good guy and puts on a great event even in pouring rain. It's not often enough someone remembers to give back once they "make it." Thanks for the fun day Pat, Luke and all Waterville folks.

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