Monday, March 29, 2010

BMX Time is NOW. it always has been.

These are some of the BMX brands we carry at Eastern Boarder. BMX Completes, Parts, Accessories and Maintenance is available at all Eastern Boarder Shops.

Due to the frequent change in stock please CALL YOUR LOCAL Eastern Boarder for availability. Click here for locations.

Feel free to visit the company websites to see this seasons collection:
Fit Bike Co.
Eastern Bikes

We do not sell BMX Bikes online, because a bicycle that is not assembled by a trained shop mechanic is VOID of warranty. That means if you order a bike online, and put it together yourself, then kiss the warranty goodbye.

When one of Eastern Boarder's professional mechanics custom fit you to the bicycle you are guaranteed to go home with the best fitting and tuned product available.

Also with any Complete BMX purchase you will get a FREE 30 Day Tune-Up.

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