Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ROME Wins TWSnow Team Shootout

The Rome team won the TWSnow Team Shootout, and took home $5,000.. By the looks of it, in true EB Fashion Cavan spent most of it on beer. He and Runke have one in hand in every picture. Rome is definitely one of our favorite brands, and they know how to shred and the know how to party. Is Ryan iphoning in everypic on purpose? Can any man be that dedicated to twitter work.

It looks like the Eastern Boarder Family has officially infiltrated the insanctum of popular media... we can only hope they can influence the youth and make a difference. By the looks of it they have made the world a whole lot better. In the pics below are Pat Moore, Adam Moran, John Cavan, Ryan Runke and a bunch of other friends of friends.. so that makes us friends too.

For the whole website dedicated to the Team Shootout clicky

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