Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fitchburg Grill & Chill / Bones Checkout

We're going to have some cool prizes from our friends at Skate One for the Fitchburg Grill and Chill Sunday June 28th. Bones wheels are made for all types of skating and tend to have way better chances to NOT flatspot compared to other brands..check them out in the shops and TRY THEM'll be stoked.
Skate Park Formula
SPF is very high quality urethane specifically formulated to resist flatspotting on slick or smooth surfaces while maintaining a higher rebound for a quicker response and a faster roll. SPF also has a high resistance to abrasion while not compromising hardness. SPF grips better on slick surfaces, is hard to flatspot, lasts longer and rolls faster than the competition.
Street Tech Formula
The top quality component blend, obtaining REVOLUTIONARY STREET TECH FORMULAS. Higher rebound, faster speed, increased Slide-ability with more resistance to flat spotting than ever before. STF performance reaches 100% beyond all standard skate wheels today.
Leading the industry. Factory Tested, Team Tested, Factory Approved, Team Approved.
Ditch Tech Formula
We were riding our local ditch and after a week we decided we needed a custom designed formula to handle the terrain. One more benefit to having our own factory. We walked the train tracks back and three days later we were testing DTF is specifically engineered from top quality components to obtain all the best properties necessary for the ultimate in street wheel performance.
Most requested ATF, or All-Terrain Formula. Filmers favorites, store run riders, boulevard bombers. SoftCore wheels are excellent for rougher terrain. When navigating through the cracks of the city’s repaving budget, ATF wheels will roll you there quickly and smoothly.
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