Monday, June 29, 2009


Eric Desaro WINS the first ever Eastern Boarder and Etnies 4Down Video Contest. Eric laid down 4 tricks that alone would be in a video part. Never mind in a line. Second Place was Austie B with some inventive lines in what looks to be his private parking lot, filled with some good stuff. Austie submitted 5 lines, all of them had some good tricks. And Adrienne Jackson was the first to send in a video . Loaded with good tricks. and the Best Closer EVER. Our top 3 winners will be outfitted in some Etnies kicks and EB Tshirts. We realize its a hard thing to film Four Tricks in a row, so stay tuned for the next video contest..... "3 Stair Stare" or "High Beam" or "Sick Slappy Bro".
Thanks to all that entered. Thanks to Etnies.
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