Friday, May 29, 2009

New Stuffs: Nike, Spits, Krook'd, Supra, Thund'r

Today we got a bunch of stuff from Real, Anti-Hero, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder, Nike, Clayface, and Supra. We also got a re-up on some EB stuff from the other shops. Thanks guys.
1. Red Blazer, N.O. Saints Zoom Tre, All White Dunk, P-Rod Crackle, Dunk Mid. All really clean and really good lookin'
2. New Supra Hightop. All Black. White Sole.
4. Earl tested out the new Spitfire urethane over here inDLXNH
5. F1s, Busenitz, Classics, and some Softies
6. Tony T A Clockwork Orangejump-offs
7. Thunder Sonora in Blue and Black, Ellington Suicide 2s, Light (Hollow Kingpin) 145 Lows
8. New Decks from Krooked
9. A Top Secret TonyT deck. Smell The Glove ...and a not so top-secret Tony T board.
10. We also got some Real boards too, nothing new, just a restock. So you can come down and check some -ish out.
Over and out.

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