Thursday, April 16, 2009

C Bowl in Thrasher: Jake Phelps, Doug Moore, Kevin Day

The latest issue of Thrasher has a ton of Eastern Boarder Alumni ripping the c bowl. Looks like it was a super session from 92 again. Doug " Sergeant Skate" Moore, Kevin Day and Jake Phelps all rolled down to the legendary pool in cambridge and it ended up in the pages of Thrasher. These guys are the first wave of boston area rippers. And are still destroying it. This area keeps producing the best skaters with the best style anywhere. No Flare, just dirty skateboarders. 2nd wave was Charlie Wilkins, Jahmal Williams, Joey Pepper and Robbie Gangemi. 3rd wave PJ, Gallant and jeremy. Now its almost too many heads to list but Bachinski, Manny, Kruper, Dompierre, and Dan Murphy. (I'm a jerk for leaving out 30+ people. so stay tuned for a complete history lesson) My point being is the northeast's long cold winters make for a hungrier skater. A skater that skates because it is fun, not because the cameras are rolling. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Comment below and start the list of heads I missed.Lets get the New England skater list rolling.....Thie List will be posted in a separate blog article.
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Eastern Boarder-Nashua said...

Aquil Brathwaite. Donny Barley. Zack Lyons. Tohbee Parkhurst.