Thursday, April 16, 2009

6 States :: 3 Decades:: 60 Skaters

This will be the spot, it always has been. The eastcoasts most influential skaters.
Aquil Brathwaite. Donny Barley. Zack Lyons. Tohbee Parkhurst. Doug Moore. Charlie Wilkins. Kevin Day. Jake Phelps. Matt Field. Jahmal Williams. Joey Pepper. Vinnie Ponte. Robbie Gangemi. Vanek. Dan Drehobl. PJ. Gallant. Jeremy Rogers. Bachinski. Manny. Kruper. Dompierre. Dan Murphy. Zared Bassett. Jim Murphy, Ed Driscoll, Chris Trembley, Kevin Coakley, Brandon Westgate(?)

comment below and tell us who were missing.
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Unknown said...

Jim Murphy, NYC

Eastern Boarder-Nashua said...

Kevin Coakley. Does that count?
Brandon Westgate

Eastern Boarder-Nashua said...

Driscoll. Tremblay.