Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Kevin from Danvers helped out with this "How To". We figured that everyone should know how to put together their own stuff. Put this in the "if you skate you should know" category. So here it goes. Step by Step. Peep kevin's videos from the berrics and watch him go toe to toe with mike mo.
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Eastern Boarder-Leominster said...

When do I get to use a hammer? I really like hitting things with a hammer. Sometimes I use a nail gun to put my grip on ..not big nails of course, that would be dumb. What about super advanced things, like tail devil placement? Because I like sparks..not "Sparks" because they stopped making that drink..or maybe Showtime drank it all. Speaking of show time now that my board is ready I can go drop some hammers...thanks for the tip.