Monday, March 16, 2009

March Wallpaper:: Dr. Longbody

This is one of my favorite non-skate pictures. It was taken by EB DFL Bryan Crosscup now of Westcoast Transworld Fame on one of his many roadtrips across the country from Cali to New England. Bry has lived in many playgrounds including Indoniesa, New England, Califonia Coast and June/Mammoth.... sounds pretty sweet huh. So get off yer asses and travel the world. Who know's what you will find. I just added a new batch of Wallpapers to the EB Site. Enjoy.
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Eastern Boarder-Leominster said...

How could you ever forget the Dr. and his friends with all the dirty needles. Good to see the Dr. out and about.

Kerry said...
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