Monday, January 19, 2009

Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam At Waterville

For the second time in the Volcom PBRJ's long history here at Waterville Valley the sky was sunny and blue! The custom course consisted of a down flat down rail, an up box to gap to down box and a down bar. With 100 riders and temperatures in the negatives the day got underway with the 15 and Under Division being unmerciful on the rails! The hustle and inspiration may have come from the weather, or perhaps it was just pure excitement and determination. Seriously, these kids were on fire and showing everyone how to get the job done!

The 16 and Over Division was up next and karate chopped the course. The judges got whiplash trying to catch all the action as the competitors were spinning in and spinning out of every trick imaginable. fakie back lips, smooth back tails and a huge helping of style had the judges scrambling to keep up!

Next it was the girls' chance to turn it on and make some Kung-Fu magic happen. They were throwing down smooth back lip slides and switch front boards. The ladies were pushing the limits on a regular basis making their riding stand out as a result!

During the lunch break there were some custom PB&J sandwiches made complete with strawberry jam, Oreos, Doritos, cheesy poofs and of course peanut butter all smashed together on 2 pieces of white bread. Volcom's Jeff Arnold, Jared King, Brando andMatt were helping the youth get creative with their lunch, which was the other highlight of the day, besides the rail slaying.

The contest wrapped up with the Open Division unwrapping their bag of tricks and aggressively assaulting the three PBRJ features! These guys weren't messing around. The action was coming fast and furious with all features being attacked simultaneously! One thing was clear; there would be no clear winners until scores were tallied.

The awards ceremony was tense as the winners were announced. The top five from each division received an invite to the PBRJ finals at sunny Mammoth Mountain, California at the end of April for a chance to win some of the $25,000 up for grabs. Volcom also threw down some serious product and custom PBRJ nun chucks and Sensei headbands. Check out the rest of the pics and video from the event. Also check for more on the PBRJ Tour!

Open Division: 1st: Shaun Murphy- 2nd: Rob Hallowell - 3rd: Stu Gingras - 4th: Jeff Sponzo - 5th: Tanner McCarty EB
Girls Division: 1st: Laura Rogowski - 2nd: Mary Rand - 3rd: Millie Chapman - 4th: Eileen Koontz - 5th: Maggie Esbaugh
15 & Under: 1st: Garrett Mernick - 2nd: Jack Herald - 3rd: Dylan Peters - 4th: Cody Ellison -5th: Robert Connors
16 & Over: 1st: Sawyer Dean - 2nd: Andrew Aldridge - 3rd: Jeremy Montpuisi - 4th: Dylan Dragotta - 5th: Mike Hahn

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