Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sky Mall: Sightings

No doubt you've all combed through the pages of the SkyMall Catalog. Ahh yes where else can you get a clock that waters your cat? or a Clock that rev's to the tune of 12 mopar Muscle Cars? The sky mall is the red headed step child to the Sharper Image Catalog. And I'm convinced the Team of art school interns that put it together are stoned out of their minds. I've seen clocks set to 4:20 hidden within the pages... (sometimes you have to look in the backgrounds). But nothing bummed me out more than seeing our long lost friend flameboy on a wakeboard.... and thats not it. How much do you have to sell out to put flameboy on a tube? World Ind, has been on the decline sine 1993 but still... c'mon. it hurts.

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clegg said...

is tanner pendleton on the world industries tubing team?