Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Loon Rules

After a week of snowstorms we decided to get the band back together and go ride Loon. Leading the battle was The Commander, who after a short recon mission to the seacoast joined the troops at for a day of ripping turns and board destruction. 2nd in charge was Nashua EB's Tommy J, who snipes with the precision of a Montana Renegade, Mark from danvers and Friends rolled up from Danvers. Also along was Patrol Man Eric M. And I came to document and report back the findings. This is what I know Tommy Has a sweet tail block, And The Commander has style for days, but hides when the bail gun comes out. And Eric Blasts some sick hips. All in All a fun day and some really good findings, tons of crap on the sides to hit, lots of jibs and the park is fun.

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Eastern Boarder-Leominster said...

Commander here,,,good stuff. By 3:00pm the mission was complete, Partol Man and I sat in for a couple wiggly pops and went seperate ways. After a quick nap on the way home while I was driving, I rolled through the Nashua headquarters to find Old Man Marty tuning boards and caught Earl and Scott entertaining some young ladies. All was good in the hood..... Tommy J is a jedi jib master.