Saturday, October 25, 2008

Best Snowboard Catalog ???

So every year snowboard companies feel the need to outdo themselves and produce there best snow catalog to date. This has caused the catalog game to go from a single piece of paper showing only grainy pics of product to full blown books with high gloss pages showcasing art, photos, and of course shinny product. My point being a lot of hard work goes into these free publications and it's time to pay some respect. So here we go with the first round of EB Worcester's yearly catalog review. We in our infinite wisdom will pick the top three and everyone else can eat it. (Remember in no way is this a product review and just because a company has a less than epic catalog it doesn't mean there boards don't rip AKA GNU.)-SPK

Third Place: BURTON
Just it's shear volume alone is enough to propel this beast of a catalog into third place. It is full and I mean FULL of useful technical data. It also has bunch of info thats relevant to the first time boarder so even if your not thinking about buying Burton its worth a read. There is enough artsy photos with nicely written captions to entertain you for multiple trips to the bathroom.

Second Place: LIB TECH
Lib Doesn't have big book with high gloss pages. But it does have a cool zine style that makes you feel like a kid reading a copy of strange notes. Inside you'll find plenty of Lib's signature "weirdness that works" mentality. There is both vague and detailed insight into their off beat technology. Explanations of how and why it works. Mix in some original Jamie Lynn art, political commentary, team interviews, and general goofiness and you have our second place catalog of the year.

First Place: CAPITA
Just to clarify we mean the big Capita catalog NOT the little fold out jump off. This year Capita ran with an old horror theme and its sick. It's super glossy with funny translucent embossing on the team photos. Great product photos with short and sweet descriptions. The whole thing is peppered with silly catch phrases. No big epic production here just a fun well put together catalog that makes you want a Capita. After all thats the point right?

EB.COM // LEO // DNV // WOO // NTK // NSH // EBTM

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