Monday, October 27, 2014


Its that time of the year again, temps are dropping and the days on the hill are getting closer and closer. With that in mind, you probably could use a tune. If you like me you enjoy tuning your snowboard. Theres nothing like cracking a beer, throwing on some music and getting after it and getting the most out of your snowboard. Thats why I use Haul Ass Wax. Ass Wax not only won SnowboarderMag's Golden Seal of Approval award but is ridden by some of the biggest names in the snowboard industry. Who you ask? Well if you must know..

Pat Moore, Mike Ravelson, Austen Sweetin, Sage Kotsenburg, Lick The Cat, Chris Bradshaw, Deadlung, Ikka Backstrom, Curtis Ciszek, Zack Hale, Lauri Heiskari, Jess Kimura, Eero Niemela, Mary Rand, Andrew Brewer, Darrell Mathes, Jed Anderson, L.N.P, Ben Bilocq, Zach Normandin, Cam Pierce, Chris Carr, Brendon Rego, Alexa McCarty, Dylan Dragotta, Eugene Stancato, Nick Doucette, Tyler L’huerex, Steve Lauder, to name a few,as well as countless shop employees,other professional and amateur snowboarders and industry folk of all kinds

That being said just like in life, there is a variety of Ass to choose from.

See that little chart? Follow it. Buy it. Wax dat ASS. Swing into your local Eastern Boarder and grab some cheeks to make sure you are ready for the season! -AUGER

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