Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Julie Flynn FUN-raiser for HOPE.

Help out one of our long time customers and veteran...Julie Flynn.
Please call the shop if you are interested in making a donation! -AUGER
I'm a disabled Merchant Marine Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom and Global War on Terror veteran.   I've been diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome, heavy metal toxicity, and an Intolerance to Chemicals, due to chronic toxic work exposures, the Anthrax Vaccine, a genetic abnormality preventing my body from optimally detoxing and Lyme disease.  As a result of my intolerance to chemicals I have to spend most of my time isolated from the world while my body attempts to heal.  When I do leave the home I utilize a portable oxygen tank or a carbon filtered mask, a requirement prescribed by my doctor.
 My best chance for a recover is to attend the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, TX.  http://www.ehcd.com/.   A specialized world leading clinic that has proven results for those who suffer from Environmental Illness as well as other Gulf War Syndrome Veterans and 9-11 responders.  Treatments will include a sauna detoxification program, oxygen therapy, Immunotherapy, IV Vitamin therapies, daily doctor visits and oversight and much much more.  Unfortunately, these treatments are not covered under insurance.   It breaks my heart that finances have to be an obstacle to improving my health and maintaining a better quality of life and I just want the chance to try and live a normal life again!
Thanks for your time and consideration with this issue!

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