Friday, September 13, 2013


Pick up a copy of the newest SnowboarderMag and check out not only the 2014 outerwear buyers guide but a TON of coverage for our team riders and Worcester/Boston MA area. Worcester got hammered with snow last year and everyone was out here filming. Check the photos, and go to SNOWBOARDERmag for more! -AUGER

Zach Normandin gets a 2 page spread for "The Launch"

Mike Ravelson sends it backside in Boston

Ian Boll does what many have thought about doing, sending it across the Elm park bridge in Worcester.

 Grenier gets upside down at the Aud in Worcester

 Jake OE gets weird and lays stuff down in Worcester, MA

 Jake OE goes to school at the Voc in Worcester

 Pat Moore repping that ASS. Buy ASS wax. Support local Awesomness!

 Rav gets inverted in Japan at the Holy Bowly

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