Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zack Normandin Interview!


Zack killing the jumps with effortless style out at Mt. Hood photos: Cole Martin

I have watched Zack (AKA Warbeatle, AKA Junebug) grow up since he was around the age of just 11. From the first time I saw that little puny kid launching the 15 foot booter at Nashoba Valley Ski Area, I new he was a motivated young prodigy in the making. At eleven his style wasn't there yet, but he definitely had the ambition it takes to succeed as a phenomenal snowboarder. When Junebug got a bit older I hung out with him a little, and to my surprise found out that this kid is a naturally gifted mother fucker when it comes to any action sport. He owns at BMX, Skateboarding, and dirt biking too! Now a days you can see Zack destroying on a Volcom board learning the dubby corks every which way. His style is flawless, and I could not be more happy for this home boi! 

1. So, your out in oregon. How's that been going?

Zack: it's been so rad, weather has been on pint and the snow has been unreal. cruising around with the boys doesn't get much better. 

2. Sounds like the life. I know you've been working on perfecting those double corks. how many variations do you have on lock now?

Zack: I got a few under my belt. It's all about those triple flips now I thought.

3. Haha true. Have you landed one of those yet?

Zack: Nahh, hopefully soon... Gotta find the right jump.

4. I feel ya there. So you must have lost your virginity by now. What's your cooter count up to so far?

Zack: Hahahhaha Jesus Christ... Not a lot...

5. Hahaha so modest little Zachariah. Anyway, besides snowboarding what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Zack: Skateboarding a lot, surfing, fishing, and hanging. 

Fishing is boring, until you catch a fish like Junebug did here

6. Noiice. sounds pretty fun and laid back. Should the public be anticipating any cool edits of you soon?

Zack: Volcom ams at the Launch at Bear should be out soon...

7. Helllz yea! The footage that already dropped from that looked wicked gnarly! Can't wait to see what else went down. MFK Justin Beiber, Usher, Justin Timberlake. GO...

Zack: Hahahah hmm, K beiber, F Usher, M timberlake

8. Dooodah! Ud eff a black doood eeew!

Zack: Hahahah yeah might have to change that one

9. Hahaha...Alright enough gay jokes. If you had one week to live and could do anything, what would be on the top of your priority list?

Zack: Drop a backcountry line, sky diving, and go surf in Hawaii.

10. That would be sick. Definitely a good way to go out. Skydive to your death right?

Zack: HahHa well yeah that's the ender....

11. Hahaha UOENO. I heard u got your GED recently. with that high school crud out of your way. What are your plans for the up coming winter?

Zack: Nahh I got a real high school diploma. But yes now that i am free i plan on doing a few ttr contests, I am going to go to china in January, and am trying to do some filming as well. Hopefully get out in the backcountry and start learning the ropes...

Zack boosting a magnificent method at Volcom's Launch at Bear Mountain

12. Nice even better than a ged. Dammn son china! That's epic! I've been waiting to see footage of you in the backcountry. I expect big things bud! One more question....If you could pick a song to describe your life what would that song be?

Zack: Like a rolling stone by Bob Dylan

Here is some footage from the Volcom's Launch at Bear Mountain. There are a few incredible shots of Junebug gettin after it!

Interview by: Kevin Court

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