Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ultranatural 2013

In case your just woke up from under some granite Red Bull UltraNatural took place this past weekend with Gig Rüf snagging the title from T Rice. NH Buzzard Mr. Pat Moore did us proud with a solid 8th place finish after guinea pigging the course. Congrats Buddy! Here's some stolen pics from around the web, most of them are Huggy's and Serfas, the Huggy-Gigi .gif is insane.

Pat with a mellow 3

Bill must be proud of this style

Holy Shit!

Looks fun until you see the 40 foot drop into a 55 degree slope

Just talking shop with Terje, no biggie...

This is about as close as you get to video until the end of March, great shots Ryan

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