Saturday, April 17, 2010

End of Season New England Clam Powder Festival at Wildcat.

I made the trek up to Wildcat today for my last day of the season, joined by Aaron, Mickey and Erik. It was a perfect closer to a great year. Wildcat is wild. It snowed about a foot in the last 24 hours and there was no one around. They had the quad turned up nice and fast so you could get tons of runs in. And the snow kept falling all day. Even at 3 in the afternoon we were still getting slashes in the sides. And the trails were choppy pow that you ca blast through. We scored lift tickets on for $23 and averaged about $1.50 per run. Definitely the best last day in a long time. Four years ago I opened my season with 2+ feet of pow at Wildcat on Halloween. You should try to make it tomorrow, but if you can't get up there in 2010. You won't be disappointed. -mulch

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