Monday, March 1, 2010

2011 Snowboard Reviews Coming Soon...

Last week a bunch of Eastern Boarder Heads rolled up to strattn mountain VT for a some testing of all the 2011 Snowboards. And for the most part we liked what we saw, Things you can look forward to are more Rocker with more pop, Wider and blunter noses and tails. And also lots of super lighter and stronger decks. K2 has a bamboo-yeah core that has a 5 year warranty against breakage...this core is featured on the Fast Plant. As always look for Lib and Gnu to keep setting the bar for industry standards, with C2 Banana and Skatebanana on all their new 2011 decks. Arbor Snowboards were impressive featuring wood inlay on the higher end boards. Oh yeah and.... IT SNOWED!!!

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