Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miss Molly: Rail Jam

The Molly Fund was established to help Molly and her family fight her cancer, after she passed her family was inspired to help other families that where up against the same battle.

"Molly's legacy will continue and there will be some good that will surface from Molly's death. Her battle with cancer sparked the love of a community and thousands of people have rallied behind Molly, as well as our family, throughout this entire ordeal. Molly has taught us many things throughout this journey. We understand too well how very precious life is and we have come to redefine the priorities in all of our lives. Suddenly, we are able to find more time to spend with our families. We hug each other more tightly, kiss each other more passionately, and we're focused on being better parents....better people. Molly's fight has also taught us the importance of helping others. We have been blessed with an incredible amount of support, from friends, family, and strangers alike, and it's clear to us now that Molly's legacy - the Molly Fund - will remain in place in order to help other families endure the financial strain while they are helping their child battle cancer." From Molly's father Buck Rowlee

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