Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I know Wiig, I know Wiig is on Forum

Jagg told me about this weeks ago. Jake Blauvelt Quit.....Andreas Wiig picked up where he left off and joined the ranks over at Forum. Wiig is also seen here repping Foursquare Outerwear.

Support Forum, Special Blend, and Foursquare...these are good dudes with their hearts and souls based in snowboarding.

In this photo Andreas Wiig is running a Forum Destroyer ChillyDog, a Foursquare Wright Jacket, and a black Foursquare pant

Wiig is joining the ranks with some of snowboarding's best, Jake Welch, Peter Line, Joni Malmi, John jackson, VTNiko, Nic Suave, and EB's own Patrick Moore

Here's the press release that I stole from SnowboardRevolution;
“It’s an honor to be part of such a talented and progressive team, a team that is setting the standard in snowboarding today,” says Wiig. “I already know most of the guys on the team and I’m looking forward to riding with them. It’s going to be good times.”
“There is no better fit for Forum than Andreas. Forum is a cutting-edge freestyle brand and that is exactly who Andreas is, always taking it to a new level,” states Director of Team Marketing, Bryan Knox. “We are all extremely happy to be working with a rider of this caliber.”

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Unknown said...

Dammmn! bummed to see jake leave, but this is dope!