Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make It Stop Soon. POST #1

M.I.S.S. is new for the 2010 Season, It will be a collection of FAILS. OR think of them as a heads-up. If you find yourself on here just quietly stop and change your ways. I think many of the misses will be rolling in from the world of snowboarding, so I'll kick it off with this gem.

Instructors, please keep your beginner lessons OUT of the PARK. Thats just what we need is more weekend warrior halflings standing on jumps and on the backside of landings. It destroys it for the rest of us that actually want to ride it. Especially the Halfpipe. The pic on on the right is from the background of the frozen chairlift movie, some mongo pusher. I think they filmed it at The Creek. -MULCH

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