Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I wish.......

Sick of your parents getting you 12 packs of whitey tightyes for christmas? Maybe worse, a dreaded gift certificate to the wave. Parents are too busy making the money to spoil you on christmas to keep up on your favorite brands, thats why Eastern Boarder made it easy. Come on down to ANY Eastern Boarder and fill out your Holiday Wish List. It's basically a walk through holiday gift guide for your parents. Fill out everything from Your favorite brands, to your top 13 gifts you can't go without this christmas. There is even a spot for your shirt, pant, and shoe sizes. We couldn't have made this any simpler for your parents this holiday season. BUT WE DID!

You say your parents don't have any time to bring you down to the shop cause they're off trying to get 88% off a toaster at target? Good thing you can just log on to and fill out an online wish list you can email to anyone you want. So help out your parents this year and fill out a list so you get just want you want christmas morning.

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