Friday, November 6, 2009

CONTEST: Buttery Bruce Lee Shuffle

This contest is coming from watching this Donovan Strain clip at the theBerrics. The first person to send us a video landing this trick wins an Eastern Boarder Sweatshirt, 2 Tee Shirts and a grip of stickers. Upload your clip to youtube and send it to US at Th first person to get us this clip wins the goodies. The trick is 1/2 Cab Manual Body Varial (while still in a manual). #1. Stay in that manny because if your tail hits points will be deducted, if you drag it, the trick doesn't count. #2 must be on a manny pad, not flatground. #3 You can Body Varial either Frontside or Backside. #4 Must Roll Away --- Good Luck
Go watch "Best Of October" at theBerrics and 5/8 of the way through is a clip of Biebel and Reda..then Dyrdek and Berra...Then the next clip is the trick. Here is the viTEOgrabs

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