Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We're closed today, but will be bonkers tomorrow. Open at 10am and ready to sling some goods. Get in here because this is the only chance before 2010 that you can save 10% OFF ON EVERYTHING. ALL SKATE, SNOWBOARDS, SHOES, BIKES, DVDS, JACKETS, BOOTS, BINDINGS.....EVERYTHING. ALL DAY.

If you are just kicking it on the internet today, check out all the goods at Just got New Oakley Goggles, Girl & Chocolate Skateboards, AntiHero, Krooked, New Bones Wheels, Tons of Stuff.

Also print out this handy WISHLIST. Pass it to your clueless aunt that thinks you still play with pokemon and ninja turtles. Get some stuff you won't have to return on Dec 26th.

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