Thursday, September 24, 2009

October 10th is a Day To Remember

Once again the "Fun in the sun" railjam is happening at Wachusett on saturday October 10. This is the fourth year its been happening and every year it gets bigger and some how worse planned but it's always really fun. Be sure to check it out and even if you don't ride in it there is usually a good crop of riders to watch.(ignore the date on the flyer they didnt make a new one this year.)
$15 entry fee **********OVER $1000 CASH PURSE*********
*Tons of swag and prizes on top of the cash as well as the notorious product toss!
*food and drinks at the full BBQ


That night here at the shop we will be premiering the debut release from Videograss along with the Ride team video and another video TBA. Check out the Videograss teaser from what I've heard the video is sick! More info and flyer to come.

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