Monday, August 31, 2009

TEAM NEWS: From Mark in Danvers

Matt Lane and Fred Hein are both filming parts for Greater Boston, Dave Begonis also has a couple tricks in there. Check out the promo below. You may or may not know that Matt broke his arm earlier in the summer and had to have surgery. The arm is healing up nice and Matt should be back on his board soon. Filming for Swank 3 is also moving along. I've seen some of the footage, Evan Oppedisano is on a manny mission and I hear good things about Alex Cecchinelli's part.

Pete is back at school up in Lowell and can now do nollie 540 flips.

Kevin Leslie has been traveling and filming for a Scarehouse promo which should be ready by the time Swank 3 premieres. Kevin is now getting shoes Lakai and Boards from Element. Dave has also been getting hooked up with shoes from DC.

Jay Clement and some other skate team guys filmed a clip for the Fuel site and last but not least Matt Jay has been bumped up from the Natick shop team to the EB "full team"


The bike guys are busy too. It's safe to say that if Zak Earley is on a bike that he will be going big. Adam Spitalny, lil Dave and Jake Frost have been cruising the streets of Boston. I think Jake is filming a part for the 90 East video but I could be wrong.

Dave and Jake both have a trick in this video from the 90 East box jam that was on the espn site, former EB Danvers employee Bill Politis also has a trick in there.

Here's a video Bill filmed and edited for his site

Coming Soon from Bill Politis on Vimeo.

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