Monday, July 20, 2009

New Favorite 2010 Snowboard Graphic: Forum YoungBlood

This is my new favorite snowboard graphic for 2010. The whole series has a different theme with as much ironic strangeness as you can fit on a snowboard. Hot Tubs, Killer Whales, Pizza Signs.... Looks like Coney Island after a cartoon hurricane. I rode the 2010 YoungBlood last spring for a few days, and it is a fun park board that can handle the whole mountain. I think Forum softened it up a tad from previous years. This board is an Ollie Machine. It comes in chilidog and non-chilidog (shown here in chili vision). I will guarantee you can pop bunny hops taller than most toddlers when riding this board. The new Forum will be here in about 30 days... so keep your eyes peeled. --mulch

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