Thursday, June 11, 2009

Volcom Tour :: Natick EB 6/9/09

Last Night the Volcom guys came down to the Natick Eastern Boarder with a HUGE bus and some screenprinting equipment. David Gonzalez, Colin Provost And Caswell Berry were greeted by 100 sugar enraged kids. Everyone got a custom volcom tshirt hand screened by one of the pros. After all the shirts were finished, we would have had a signing and photo session... but this kid Holden hogged all of the teams time. He had the past 3 years of Transworld Skate Tabbed with sticky notes with everyones name next to their picture. So after 52 signatures (just for Holden) time was running short and they had to leave. Nah, just kidding, everyone got tons of stuff and had an awesome time. Thanks to Volcom for visiting, and for the free tshirts. More pics atEB's flicker pages.

Complete Northeast Tour coverage At By Paul Danchak, great job Paul, thank you. Blurry photos below by me...(SteveRyan)...

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