Monday, May 4, 2009

Green Hill Skatepark Cleanup Photos

Thanks to all y'all who came out for the Earth Day Park Cleanup up at Greenhill Park back on April 25th. Around 30 people showed up to skate & to help clean up the skatepark. There were cold drinks, snacks and a red hot grill full of hot dogs courtesy of Vans too. 20 bags of trash were removed from the skatepark & the surrounding area (as well as other misc. junk like old car rims, scrap metal and half of a bike frame!) Some of the guys from Clayface Skateboards also were there skating the park. Thanks go out to Durfey & Chris P from Vans for helping to set it all in motion...

PS: Sorry about the lateness of the post, but I was stuck in the middle of moving for the last week... -TEO

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