Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dirt Jumps

Cruised over to the Littleton dirt park today they've been doing a little bit of work over there. They've added some smaller rollers and bump jumps as well as a couple rad berms. Stuff looks really fun for most anyone including the little dudes and the rad dads that don't want to hit stuff with gaps. The bigger jumps could use a little work but there are piles of clay and tanks of water to use for building. All you need is a couple of shovels and a couple dudes and there could be some fun lines runable. Check out the photos and if you want to know about how you can help out more call this number 978-486-9070 and talk to Lisalee who really has put a ton of work getting the whole space going. I'm sure they would be stoked to see some motivated people down there helping to make the space better and having a good time.
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