Saturday, February 7, 2009

Phelps NOT Fired....

Man was I scared when I first went to the thrasher site this morning.... This is the first time I could hit the interknot since vacation, the Thrasher site had some polished dudes all over the cover tons of nice haircuts, Ryan Sheckler Video Links, Hubba Babes, and NO sign of "5 days of hate" the infamouse video post jake posted ripping into Frank Hirata and His Family. Rumor was Jake got canned later that day. Hate blogs popped up all over the place. Then I left town. It was a scary few days not knowing the state of skateboarding publications. But "it was a joke on us" so thanks for the week of bumout, thank jeebus it wasn't a lifetime of depression. Thrasher is The Best Magazine in The Biz. Hands Down.Phelps is Still Cool......Jake not MIchael

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