Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Lifestyles of the Stache' and Dre

Three days late.... but years ahead of the curve. Eb homies and other shop nerds gathered at loon mountain last week to celebrate the love of snowboarding and food. Loon Park Crew and Nitro Snowboards hooked up a grill full of burgers and redbull. The sun was out ad the guns were too. The Commander is back out of retirement with mean tuck knee indys and over the top nose grabs. While EB Alum JaQ and Dre slayed the mounatin like no other. JaQ was back on RNR from cali with ladyfriend A.lsa and Poppa B leading the charge, dawn til dusk. Can he Read? Apparently not because RJ blazed through pothead alley like a vet. The Best treat of the day was Brian "Ultimate Shop Kid" Johnson who pulled the Triple Crown, surfed at 5:30am, snowboarded til close and Skated Rye at night. Amazing Days. Danvers Brigade rolled up too with Mark, Chris and Tanner the raddest snowboarder on the eastcoast. Peep the danvers blog for a full video recap, pics at leominster blog. See you hippies next tuesday too.

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