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#8. Pajammy Jam At Jake Burtrons - Dec. 2008

Although no one documented this 2 day trip to Stowe VT, a handful of EB Rippers stayed up at Jake Burton's house. They told ghost stories, had pilow fights. only to wake up and drop pillow lines. All while riding 2011 double secret anti-anti-camber boards. When you step into Jakes house instead of taking off your shoes, you have to strap on a board and duck slide around on fake snow.

#7. Get Paid Skate Jam

Was the 2nd biggest cash pruse in northeast skateboarding of 2008 (thanks to MtDew). And Mark pulled the whole thing off in the danvers parking lot. No flashy stadiums, no popstars, just solid flick in flick out tricks. All for the almighty dollar...and a shitload of skateboard maddness. Money was awarded for each feature and the host called out tricks. the lot was packed with whos who of eastcoast heads. Tom Kruper, Manny Santiago, Dave Bachinsky & the Clements. Seriously check the video, flatbars over ledges, and the pool of dew.
Mountain Dew AM FORCE "GET PAID" from eb danvers on Vimeo.

#6. EB Skate team Takes 2nd at Academy Skatepark Contest

Academy Skatepark had a shop showdown style contest where they invited 4 skaters from each of the northeast shops to come down and compete at their skatepark. The Eastern Boarder Team consisted of John Desimas, Dan Carriero, BK, And Serge Murphy. After a few rounds of warm ups each team stormed the park for a jam format contest. In the end Charm City Took first place and Eastern Boarder came in a close second. Here's a lengthy video showing how high the level of skating was.

#5. EB Kids Fest Demo- Haverhill MA
"It may take a village to raise children, but it takes a city to entertain them: Laurie Chase Kidsfest returns next month bigger and better than ever." -Jonathan L'Ecuyer Haverhill Gazett. And who better to entertain Kids than kids that never grew up...thats us. Eastern Boarder Brought down a truckfull of battered ramps and rails to set up on main street haverhill. Tons of dedes shwed up to skate the makeshift park and "go for it", Sandog was pulling stupid tricks on his BMX and Desimas was launching like Evil Knievel or was it Cape Canaveral. Can't wait for next year.
Eastern Boarder Demo from eb danvers on Vimeo.

#4. Brace Jam
Brace Jam is the Event of the Year, people from all walks of life and all over the east coast come to roll around rye airfield. ITs kinda like a Eastern Boarder Reunion and the Guest of Honor is None other than Justin Brace. Brace is our Pal and old EB employee/BMX Ripper that has ALS. Currently brace is editing all the old MOD Footage and uploading them to vimeo. Keep in touch because the next Brace Jam is probably coming soon.

#3. Bachinsky Big Block Huck Jam/Video Premiere:
Completely nuts, the first random spot non skatepark contest in the northeast. And things went off, everyone threw down some big shit. Just Watch the video.

#2. LAST CALL - Loon Mtn. - March 22nd, 2008
Hands down. man down. My favorite evet of every season is Last Call. Sun was shining and The setup was outta control. Ledges and Boxes galore. Specially made Loon Letters on the quarter pipe brought the contest to the next level. eastern Boarder puts all its eggs into this one contest, and it is a damn good time.... the only risk is Johnny Utah trying to gap some incredibly undoable gap. All thanks to Liquid Courage and Peer Pressure.

#1. Eastern Boarder Movie & Premiere
It is amazing that this is the first EasternBoarder Snowboard Movie with past riders including Eric Kovall, Alexi Garick, Doug Byrnes, Shane Flood, Nicke Franke, Jamie Mcleod and more. Its about time we did this, The video and EB team would not happen without the amazing riders and filmers that represent EB. Most of all we would like to thank the huge Eastern Boarder Family.

This is the changing of the guard, the talent has never been hungrier. Last season (08) was record breaking, tons of snow, tons of fun, tons of coverage. It might go down as the best season ever. This Movie features the riding talents of Tanner Pendleton, Teddy Lavoie, Colleen Quigley, Brandon Reis, Sam Hulbert, Chris Carr, Yale Cousino & Shane Fortier. Appearances by friends like Kade Madsden, Chris Beresford & Niko Coiffi & More. Chris Carr wraps up the video with some tricky tricks that need to be watched three times minimum.

The Eastern Boarder Movie from Eastern Boarder on Vimeo.

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